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Home Automation Q&A #2

It's baaaaack! After a long hiatus, the Q&A episodes have officially returned! Here are the three questions we're answering in this episode: #1: I'm planning to run ...

Using iBeacons to proximity enable a native app

We recently released source code for a demo app that shows a demo of using iBeacons in a native app to help engage the customer in a retail environment ...


Introduction to Trackbee TrackBee is a beacon app which tracks all nearby registered Gimbal beacons and notify users according to proximity of beacon.

Geofency App for iPad

Geofency is available on the App Store: Audio track by Oliver König from

Macworld 2014: TwoCanoes iBeacons

Allison interviews Timothy Perfitt from Twocanoes Software about their iBeacon products and applications. Timothy explains how iBeacons works and describes their Geohopper app that allows users...

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